Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Rec - The Art Of Non-Conformity

Alright, I just finished yet another renegade *personal development* book - The Art of Non-Conformity.

While a notch below the work of Tim Ferriss, it was still a very good read.

Author Chris Guillebeau became famous for checking out on the corporate grind, moving to West Africa where he and his wife volunteered for 4 years, and for attempting to travel to every country in the world all the while broadcasting his adventures on the web.

Chris is a whole lot crunchier than the others in this *lifestyle design* space. He's a vegan, a do-gooder, and admirably far less obsessed with wealth than his peers.

While a lot of his message is unoriginal (ripped from Ferriss and Stephen Covey?)....Chris at least personally had the guts to do what everyone else wishes they could do. So The Art of Non-Conformity is not only an interesting story, it's a very inspirational work. No matter what sized your personal goals are, reading this book will most definitely get you closer to them.

Chris, along with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Tim Ferriss, and a host of exalted others, most certainly belongs in the category of *Self-Unconscious Homeschooling Advocates*. I continually laugh at these fools, the personal development types especially, who are all about life-planning at age 30. They have NO CLUE that homeschooling/unschooling children from the get-go would all but obliterate the demand for their books!

I have to thank Laura Grace for this one. She inadvertently recommended it to me.


Laura said...

Not sure how I inadvertently recommended this one (can one non-conformist read another non-conformist's mind???) but have to agree with your comment about self-development industry feeding on the tragically stifled. Raising kids without dimming their light is possible.

CaptiousNut said...


You mentioned Chris Guillebeau in passing, in an email. I looked him up...

A lot of this self-reinvention gospel isn't very possible after the kids come along either.

As far as I can tell, Chris has no kids - nor does Tim Ferriss.

And that's even more reason to get raise the young'uns properly (i.e. *outside the system*).