Friday, March 04, 2011

The Donald!

I just read and thoroughly enjoyed the classic bestseller - Trump - The Art Of The Deal.

He's one of these (numerous) guys/gals that you might know who he is....but really aren't aware of exactly how they became famous.

Trump made his fortune in real estate, but this auto-biographical work gets a whole lot more specific on the deals that launched his career: Swifton Village (Cincinnati, OH), Javits Convention Center, Trump Tower, The Commodore Hotel, etc. Yeah, he was indeed lucky, but he was also pretty bright and highly motivated. Seeing how this book was written 23 years ago I'd love to read about what he did for his second, third, and fourth acts before The Apprentice (actually never seen an episode).

Okay, I just read a primer on what he did after The Art Of The Deal on Wikipedia. Check it out. The man was certainly all over the place financially, flirting with bankruptcy more than a couple of times, serving up some spectacular business failures, and yet somehow managing to amass a $2-$3 billion net worth.

I'll never forget my grandmother telling me, way back in the late 80s(?), how she would no longer play the slots at one of Trump's casinos in Atlantic City.


Because he cheated on his wife with Marla Maples!

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