Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheapness - An 'Old Coot' Disease

Somebody was recently lamenting to me the plight of their poor father.

The guy is in his 80s and dying of cancer.

Despite having over $1 million in the bank the guy carries on like a complete destitute bum.

In fact he dresses so poorly that out in public one day someone charitably GAVE HIM $5.

And guess what....HE TOOK IT!

Also, again despite being on his deathbed and having means, the crazy 'old coot' won't pay for home internet access because of a silly price dispute with the cable company. Instead he trucks everyday over to the library to check his email (AOL?).

The purpose of money in life is, well,! Tragically some of these misers never figured that out.


Anonymous said...

SUCH BS. I'm closer 50 than I am 20 and every town I've been to in my travels has a "Rich" bum. People want to believe it because it's a neat stories that makes them feel better about not being rich. Good people believe and pass on this story because other good people passed it on to them. Stop the lies people. There are crazy bums and there are stinky bums but there are NO crazy stinky STREET BUMS.

Anonymous said...

Street bums that is......LOL

Doesn't have as much umph now that I messed up typing the first reply.