Thursday, March 03, 2011

Homeschooling Science

We do a lot of organized homeschool activities like this. (The Prince is in his ragged grey sweatshirt.)

For something nominal ($3 apiece?) the co-op organizes science classes and whatnot all over Long Island (and the Boroughs).

This was a lecture on *stream erosion* at a local museum, by an 'old coot' who really knew what he was talking about. In fact, he had *Dr* in front of his last name on the tag. How often do most 6 year olds get this caliber of instruction within government schools?

My son absolutely loves science and he did very well there. It's not easy for a 6 year old to listen to a cold lecture for an hour-plus - while standing throughout!

He made it an hour and fifteen minutes into it before I told him to go upstairs and hang out with the other kids, most of whom didn't last half as long.

The highlight of this class, for me anyways, was the opening. Dr. 'Old Coot' yells out, "What is EROSION?"

My son puts his hand immediately up and is called upon.

Prince - It's...[long, deafening pause]...a...[searching for the words]....It's a weathering effect.

The crazy fossil literally screamed at my 6 year old, "NO. THAT'S NOT IT. WEATHERING IS SOMETHING ELSE....WIND, LIGHTNING..."

Notwithstanding the incorrect answer , I was practically blown away by my son's response. A *weathering effect*? What an impressive articulation for a 6.30 year old!

My son is most certainly not shy; he blurted out answers and asked questions probably as much as the rest of the 20+ other kids combined. He talks a lot and there's essentially no filter on his mouth - a trait he no doubt inherited from my first wife!

Again science is probably his favorite content subject. But realize that neither my wife nor I taught him a single thing about it. In fact I'm not a fan of science (as I learned it) at all.  Everything he knows was personally absorbed through books, science kit gifts, and the internet. Let that be a lesson for all the wimps who think that because they don't know algebra or chemistry....that they can't educate their kids *outside of the system*.  Believe me, yes you can!

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