Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Kettlebell Score

I just bought an 88 lb Dragon Door kettlebell for $90.

Actually, I had the guy deliver it to my doorstep for additional 10 bucks.

As you can see, these things run $197 PLUS $40 shipping PLUS tax.

If I was back in the option pit....I'd be bragging how I bought an 88-pounder for *$150 under parity*. This was a score because quite frankly, you won't find too many out there on CraigsList. Tim Ferriss has singlehandedly put them in short supply.

So now I have a 30-pounder, a 45-pounder, and this 88-pounder sitting beside my desk for occasional swinging throughout each day/morning/night. The smaller ones still have plenty of use in one-handed exercises.

I'm psyched because I got so much out of the 45 lb kettlebell, in such a short period of time, from very few reps - JUST LIKE TIM FERRISS PROMISED.

When people behold my now chiseled body they should not remark, "That guy must spend a lot of time in the gym..."

No, rightfully they should exclaim, "Wow! That guy must spend a lot of time reading!" or "That guy must really have an eye for insightful books!"

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