Thursday, March 31, 2011


Do any of you clowns utilize Google Reader?

I only publish *partial* RSS feeds from my blog - forcing would-be readers to come to my site to see the pics, read the full post, and whatnot.

I'm just wondering if it irritates any of you. If there's a loud enough cry I'll start publishing full feeds.

Let me know. Thanks.


Heather said...

I just started using Google Reader. I don't actually use it to *read* though... I just like to see at a glance which ones have posted new content. I always go to the original site though.

Anonymous said...

my vote for full push.

i use google reader, its the best!

Anne Galivan said...

I do get your posts in Google Reader. I don't really care which way you do it. In my feeds, my posts go out whole. But for those who get my posts via my e-mail newsletter, I only send a blurb and a link.

There are different opinions about which way is better, and I still struggle with this a little since not everyone who gets my e-mail newsletters opens the e-mail and then those that do don't always click through. But the way I figure it is, if someone wants to read it, they'll click the link. And if they don't want to take that little step, they're probably not my biggest fans anyway. Make sense?

Lucy said...

I use Reader. I don't mind the partials, if it looks interesting I'll click through to your site. If it doesn't, I'll move on.

Reader is a helpful screening tool :-)

Anonymous said...

I use reader. I like to be able to read all of it via reader. Much faster than having to launch the webpage, especially on my phone. Not that your website isn't lovely :)


Beth said...

I use Google Reader as a part of my iGoogle page. Lets me see new posts and I then click thru to read the entire thing. I enjoy visiting the individual blogs and such. Something is lost when everything is read via a reader - the whole atmosphere of the blog, seeing other links, etc.

CaptiousNut said...

Alright I just changed the setting to *full feeds*. We'll try that out. Thanks for the feedback.