Tuesday, March 01, 2011

E-Delivered Nastiness

Several years ago, a friend was complaining about the *forwards* her 'old coot' FIL used to bombard her with from his AOL account. After all, he had her work email address and....she was too freakin' busy to be bothered with his political/joke spam and clippings directly from the snopes.com FALSE file.

This young lady was tech-savvy, I'm talking 10 years ago, and told me how she *created a rule* for the email he sent her.

Fast forward to today...

Now I'm having some email issues. Quite frankly way too many worthless ones pour into my inboxes.

Worthless I can deal with, but I've about had it with people who send me NASTY emails. I've gotten to the point where upon the first iota of nastiness I detect, I hit the delete button. And I don't care who it's from!

I mean I'm busy as (poop), I don't need to be distracted or riled up by some wimp who wants to hurl invective at me from the safety afforded by distance.

Some people I've successfully cut off by ignoring them. But today I finally started creating filters in my inbox that will either instantly archive or delete emails I receive from certain unspecified individuals. Unfortunately Gmail does not have *bounce back* functionality which is too bad - because I would like the people I bounce to get the message.

What's your nasty-email policy?

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