Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Justice From Above


You know just a couple of months ago, while driving up and down to Florida and seeing umpteen *speed limit enforced by aircraft* signs, I was thinking (sort of) the same thing - that enforcing speeding violations from the skies has to be one of the dumbest, least cost-effective things a municipality could be doing.

Of course, those qualities don't seem to EVER have a dissuasive effect on government policies...

I've never heard of anyone who received a ticket from an airplane, have you? Is it a complete bluff?

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Anonymous said...

Not guaranteed to be a bluff: in CA the CHP sometimes uses helicopters for spotters. You do, of course, need someone on the ground to stop the offending vehicle and write the ticket ... your video notwithstanding!
Not sure of the thinking here: why not just use a patrol car to do the job by itself?