Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book Rec - Seabiscuit

The other day I finished reading Seabiscuit. What a nice little story that was. Check if your library has the illustrated version.

While it's not the greatest book out there by any means, I think it's definitely worth putting on the list of future reads for my kids. Almost as much as a the dramatic racing tale, it was a glimpse into what I would deem as *relevant* American history.

I mean I'm all for learning about ancient Egypt, the Roman Empire, and the Aztecs....but personally I've always found local, recent American history to be far more fascinating. Heck I drove right by Belmont Park - scene of the cancelled Sea Biscuit/War Admiral grudge match - just the other day. Now, having learned a little about horse racing history I will forever look at that exit sign on the Cross Island Parkway differently; and I've gained a new understanding and appreciation for a *sport* that I had heretofore thought antiquated and ridiculous.

Put down those trash novels. Read some transformative history books!


Anonymous said...

seabiscuit post after a horse buggery?

CaptiousNut said...

Just a coincidence!

I grabbed Seabiscuit after reading Laura's other book - Unbroken.