Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indian Dervish

Hah! Talk about uninhibited!

To see a classier Indian affair - click here.


Anonymous said...

no class == quite liberating.

CaptiousNut said...


Have you ever grooved like that - in such a *liberating* manner?

Anonymous said...

i am logical guy...too much i would say to my own freedom...so i cant really last more than few seconds of "loosing it" (doesn't seem logical...why????)

one confession...i am from india, that to from a village...so it counts has hardcore. I have seen crazier dances than that.

You should see some funerals in india. They (have to?) celebrate with crackers and crazy drums/dancing infront of the funeral ride (all the way to cremation grounds.)

lot crazier and loosing-minds kind of thing.

There are also some women in villages who totally loose control of selves and get "possessed". These women are said to be possessed by "Kali" (google that), and they do some crazy dances than this guy.

You haven't seen loosing.