Thursday, March 31, 2011

Revisit Boston Market

Shoot....after karate yesterday I took the kids out to lunch at Boston Market.

And I was shocked at what we experienced.

For $17.30 the three of us ate *the best meal ever* - according to my 50% Italian son. (Those people are prone to hyperbole.)

And it was good. Not only did they bring the food to our table, but I was also given the privilege of actual silverware and a washable plate. A sign on the table asked us not to clean up either - no doubt to avoid trashed silverware, etc.

I can't well remember the last time I ate there (10 years?) but I'm sure I didn't walk out so all-around satisfied.

It is amazing/pathetic the things that excite you as an aging family man!

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Anne Galivan said...

It's not've learned to appreciate the "little things." Especially those moments when your kids say something cute or funny as your son did.

Like you, I haven't been to Boston Market in forever. Used to love it but then the quality started to go down. I will have to try it again!