Friday, March 25, 2011

California - Occasionally 100% Right


They've been torturing me ever since I moved out of cities some 6 years ago.

Outside of the winter, all day long I suffer rickety gas-powered blowers around my house.

What kills me is that they are wielded by illegal immigrants AND that they aren't necessary at all.

It's not one guy either, when the landscaping gang of 'cans hits each house invariably 3-5 of them whip out the blowers in unison and sweep the entire property. Again, it's NOT NECESSARY.  Furthermore the ones around here also utilize a huge gas blower on wheels that's even louder.

I even proposed to some local official a new ordinance saying they couldn't blow each property every week - just cutting them down to *ever other week* would reduce the noise by a significant 50%.

Make the law so only homeowners themselves can use gas-powered blowers. Make the law so that landscapers can only use the quieter electric ones. ANYTHING to cut the noise down.

Everyone thought California was crazy when they cracked down on public smoking. But guess what, who among y'all wants to return to smoky restaurants and airlines?

The blind squirrel State has found another rare nut.


Paul Mitchell said...

I do believe that 'Cans is supposed to be capitalized.

I'm not a fan of the blowers, either, but they sure make short work of all the pollen on my carport.

Anonymous said...

Yep. That's been going in CA for a number of years.
It provided plenty of fun when first proposed too because the opponents of an anti-leaf blower law cried it must be the product of ... racism!

How far have we left to sink?