Monday, March 21, 2011

Canine Age Warfare?

She's holding her dentures!

Brooklyn Granny Mauled By Rottweilers

An elderly Brooklyn woman was mauled in a terrifying, unprovoked Rottweiler attack as she took an early morning walk through Prospect Park yesterday.

"I was just walking on the sidewalk [inside the park], and two dogs ran after me. They attacked me on the hands and face," the still-trembling, 80-year-old victim, Yuk Ho Chan, told The Post after she was released from Methodist Hospital.

"They were clawing at my face."

"It was very scary. I didn't know what happened," said Yuk, who had dried bloodstains smeared on her jacket. "He [the owner] couldn't control the dogs. They were mean-looking and they were furious."

Christie Smythe, 28, who walks a Jack Russell terrier mix in the same area of the park, said, "My dog isn't always fond of elderly people. They move differently than other people and that seems to set off a reaction."

"He'll see older people power walking and he snaps. He growls and snarls, and I have to yank him back."

That's a pretty horrible story. It could have been anyone's grandmother, wife, or child.

I don't care what anyone says - those vicious dogs (pit bulls, bullmastiffs, rottweilers, etc.) should all be murdered and ground up into egg rolls or something.

It is curious though, that the *dog people* quoted assert that their mutts don't like the oddity of 'old coots'.

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Anonymous said...

egg rolls? they do that already. Just try out some chinese restaurants in some shady areas.

You might have already tasted some, we never know. :)

gods creations all on earth, bound to behave, and we humans cant ban everything. Part of Living... i guess.

Anne Galivan said...

My daughter and I were talking about this the other day. She likes to run and had an "encounter" with a dog the other day that wasn't serious but she found it unnerving. I told her she needs to carry pepper spray.

I went on to say that I do not EVER trust dog breeds that have been bred to be vicious i.e. pit bulls, dobermans, and German shepherds. I know owners who have been attacked by their own dogs from these breeds.

One thing my daughter said about German shepherds is that it's no wonder German guards and soldiers during WWII were so effective, walking around with those German shepherds. They are indeed terrifying and in a completely different way from weapons.

The thing that drives me crazy about rabid (no pun intended) dog owners is that they always say, "Oh he's harmless." Every dog is harmless until they attack someone. And with certain dogs it is more likely a "when" than an "if."

CaptiousNut said...


Here in NY we have to deal with traffic NDEs (Near Death Experiences) all the time.

Down yonder in FL you have those vicious dogs all over the place.

Even I am terrified of pit bulls and whatnot.

I opened my motel door in South Carolina (on my way back from snowbirding in Feb) and some obese woman was walking a pitbull right outside my door. The opening of it startled the dog and he barked and lunged at me. It scared me half to death.

I don't think pepper spray works with those dogs but am not sure.

"The dog doesn't bite..."

Someone on my blog once remarked to that, "Well then how the (bleep) does it eat? ALL DOGS BITE." or something.

I won't go to anyone's house who has a vicious dog, ever. I probably won't associate with them in any way either. Lowlifes, these people!

Anonymous said...

I heard that old line the other day as a man's doberman ran up to me, "he won't bite". I stood waiting to jam my hand down its throat and rip out his esophagus or break its neck. I will kill the next dog that bites me. I was a paper boy for 8.5 years in the 70s and 80s and heard that all the time. I most hate dachshunds. They always bite after you turn to walk away. Not sure what to do with a pit bull. I don't want to get anything in its jaws.