Thursday, March 03, 2011

Everclear For Hot-Heads?

My wife offered a bowl of her chili to a contractor at our house yesterday - because that's what her Italian family does, they feed contractors!

He was warned that it was on the spicy side but responded with a laugh.

Contractor - Hah! I use Pure Cap in mine.

Say what?

Contractor - It's so hot you need to sign a waiver to buy it....Have to use an eyedropper to measure it....I use only 2 drops.

Pure Cap is short for pure capsaicin - "...Severe over-exposure to pure capsaicin can result in death; the lethal dose (LD50 in mice) is 47.2 mg/kg." (Wikipedia)

I do like spicy food but this sounds a little masochistic!

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