Thursday, March 24, 2011

On Alarmist, Inverted Quack Scientists

Enter Ann Coulter:

As I described in my book "Godless," both the government and the entire mainstream media lied about AIDS in the '80s by scaring Americans into believing that heterosexuals were as much at risk for acquiring AIDS as gays and intravenous drug users. The science had to be lied about so no one's feelings got hurt.

In 1985, Life magazine's cover proclaimed: "NOW, NO ONE IS SAFE FROM AIDS." In 1987, U.S. News & World Report reported that AIDS was "finding fertile growth among heterosexuals." Also in 1987, Dr. Oprah Winfrey said that "research studies" predicted that "one in five heterosexuals could be dead from AIDS at the end of the next three years."

In 1988, ABC's "20/20" claimed the CDC had discovered a shocking upsurge of heterosexual infections on college campuses. It struck no one as odd that 28 of the 30 infections had occurred in men (with alphabetized spice racks and at least three cats, one named Blanche).

Two years later, CNN broadcast that same 1988 study, proclaiming: "A new report from CDC indicates that AIDS is on the rise on college campuses."

A quarter-century later, and we're still waiting for the big heterosexual AIDS outbreak.

But at least science achieved its primary purpose: AIDS was not stigmatized as a "gay disease." Scientific facts were ignored so that science would be nonjudgmental. That was more important than the truth.
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Paul Mitchell said...

I still have trouble calling that disease what they call it now, I still call it GRID. And I am still pissed that the gay lobby killed Arthur Ashe.

Plus, I remember the lessons that we were taught in grade school about aerosols and the impending ice age.

I would propose to Ann if she weren't taller than me.

Anne Galivan said...

Ann Coulter rocks. I would so love to have dinner with her some time, not that that will ever happen, because she is absolutely hilarious. I read her "How to Speak to a Liberal if You Must" last summer and I laughed out loud and sometimes wanted to cry to see how ideologically bent liberals have hurt real individuals. People are not nameless, faceless masses. These are real people being hurt by liberal ideology and its followers who just don't give a damn.

Mark said...

From your MD cuz,
the type of HIV that is predominant in the US is very hard to transmit heterosexually this is true. There was a study that followed heterosexual monogamous couple where one was HIV + and the other negative. The rate of HIV transmission over 1 yr of unprotected sex?
5 %. But from a public health perspective I'm glad this wasn't known by the public as people would not have been cautious. It's better to have them think that it is easy to catch

On the other hand, the predominant HIV strains in Africa (HIV-1 and HIV-2) are much more stable and are much more easily passed heterosexually. That is why the predominant method of transmission there is heterosexual.

Ann Coulter sucks. RIght wing wackadoo

CaptiousNut said...


Forget the height thing....I'd be afraid of getting into an argument with her (even though I could *take* her). Imagine the emasculating invective she could throw your way!


That's by far her worst book. Treason is the best, with Godless in second place.


Let me get this straight...

You are in favor of lying to the masses because it's for their own good ("public health").

Of course that's disgustingly elitist but it's also a recipe for corruption and totalitarianism.

The fact is, without falsely alarming the public,Big Pharma and other taxpayer rapers (Big Science)wouldn't get as much funding.

This goes for every branch of Big Government. Why do they lie about/exaggerate military threats in caves overseas?

To keep the public ignorant and to keep sending more money to Big Military and to defense contractors, of course.

You can't well complain about one set of self-interested elitist lies and then turn around and promulgate your own.

Well you shouldn't anyway.

Paul Mitchell said...

Cap, the fact that Ann appears to be the type of person that would never let anything just lie there and fester would motivate me. The debates would be awesome. But, she would have to wear flats, even though she is just one inch taller than me. I am pretty comfortable with my height until I go to a family reunion. The taunts of "RUNT" are kinda disheartening at my advanced age.