Tuesday, March 01, 2011

On Drooling Nappers

So there's a house right behind ours, about 85 yards or so straight back.

After 9 months here on Long Island now I've become well aware of the nocturnal schedule of these neighbors - a stereotypical 'old bag' and an 'old coot'.

They go to bed very early. I'm not sure precisely when but by 11pm every night their lights are all out.

BUT, around 2:30am the kitchen light comes on, EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, and I can plainly see the fossils stirring.

Saturday night my wife and I stayed up late catching up on American Idol; it was at that time that I informed my wife about these creatures of habit.

Sure enough, like clockwork, I went to the bathroom at 2:25am and saw the old fart up and at 'em in his kitchen. Pointing him out to Mrs. C-Nut we both enjoyed a good laugh.

Mrs. C-Nut - WHAT the [deleted] are they doing up now?!?!

Me - Scrambling eggs, of course!

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