Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brrrrr...It's cold

I've been freezing the past month or so - it's been down to the high 30s at night. Finally I broke down and turned on the heat yesterday.

Here comes the dark and torturesome New England winter; I'll be noticeably crankier for the next 6 MONTHS. Consider yourselves forewarned.

Yesterday my wife bought herself a *vest* coat; and she bought one for my son. He wore his today and was complaining about freezing this morning at the park.

I do not get *vests*. Your arms are what need the insulation, not the torso. I told my wife that I was going to invent the opposite of a vest - a *sleeves-only* winter jacket. She said, "Good luck with that one!" and passed at backing my venture.

Serious investors email me on the side.

Addendum - I don't get the wife-beater tee shirt either. What soaks up the pit sweat?


Slow-Rion said...

Yes your extremities get cold. But you generate warmth from the core. My opinion, from someone who likes the snow and doesn't whine about cold like you, is that you keep your feet warm first. Then your torso, and then on to your legs and arms/hands. A vest with a sweater and gloves will keep you warm through most chills. As far as warm from the ground up, we were out yesterday in the morning-low 40's and windy. My wife commented on my lack of jacket. My answer: I'm wearing wool socks.

CaptiousNut said...

First of all, your whining about my whining is so much worse!

Secondly, it was obvious all along that your wife dressed you.

Slow-Rion said...

I'd like to see you go one month without griping about the weather.

CaptiousNut said...

First real frost yesterday morning, Slow.