Thursday, October 16, 2008

More Park-side Gossip

Another snippet from my afternoon conversation today.

StateStreetEmployee - I personally know the guy who's in charge of the Bank of America/Countrywide integration..... He's based in Charlotte. He said it's a complete disaster. He said they keep uncovering one problem after another.

CaptiousNut - Yeah, well everyone knew that but Ken Lewis. He's an idiot.

StateStreetEmployee - He's a complete idiot.

Now I have written a lot on Ken Lewis - read it all here.

My favorite post was still the first one Bank Of America's Ken Lewis - Socialist Hero, Shareholder Villain.

And just you watch, this Merrill Lynch merger may prove more disastrous than Countrywide. Today, Merrill announced that it lost $5.2 billion in the third quarter.

A. P. Giannini is no doubt trying to strangle Ken from the grave!

When it's all said and done, Lewis will be pilloried - just you watch.

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