Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's Very Good

The McDonalds Southwestern Salad. Get it with "crispy chicken".

It's one of these things that I would never have even contemplated ordering if some young lady hadn't told me to. I am so glad she did because with my two small kids I certainly will be *doing time* at McDonalds for the foreseeable future. The least I can do is pass on the suggestion.

Oh, and thank God they carry *sweet tea* at the McDonalds in the Northeast now. Sweet tea is one of these things you can't get anywhere up here. The tea is unsweetened just about everywhere. I have to make my own. When I go to Florida I buy boxes of Luzianne tea bags and tote them home because stores up here don't even carry it. Boo Weekley would never last in New England.

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