Thursday, October 23, 2008

Deranged Dog-Loving Taxpayers

That's by far, the most popular referendum sign in my neighborhood this election. I had no idea what *question 3* was but was compelled to research it once I read "vote for the dogs" on it.

The question has something to do with the humane treatment of canines at Massachusetts racetracks. Apparently, the greyhounds - much like most of us - don't have enough living space. Read if you're interested in the details.

Now, I wasn't even going to bother voting this year but had a change of heart. You see, there are two questions on the Massachusetts ballot that I just have to vote on.

Enough *yes* votes on Question 1, and the Massachusetts state income tax will be eliminated.

THAT, is a biggie.

And I believe that there's another question that would reduce the state sales tax. I just spent 15 frustrating minutes trying to find the referendum questions online and have decided to quit. I couldn't even find them on the Boston Globe website - but I did readily find Question 1 agitprop:

The binding referendum, when fully phased in, would cut taxes by $12.6 billion per year, which amounts to just under 40 percent of the state budget and nearly 60 percent of tax revenue (the budget is also funded by federal revenue and fees). The state budget is how we spend our tax dollars -- on education, health care, environmental protection, public safety, and other public services. (link)

And note the next sentence:

How would you choose to balance the state budget if we lost $12.6 billion in state revenue?

Who is "WE"? There you have it, the Boston Globe speaking on the side of socialists AND in the *first person*.

Apparently the real WE, us, will only *lose*, services and whatnot. The governor is threatening a loss of "snow plowing"; I've heard women talk about "losing public parks"; etc.

Apparently, we'll only lose goodies. We won't lose any government waste. We won't gain any efficiencies. We won't be re-claiming any of our own hard-earned money.

Well, for sure, the staff at the Boston Globe will lose ideologically if Question 1 is victorious - although LOSING is something they are well-practiced in these days. Bob Ryan and his fellow crony-o-saurs been losing money, losing advertising, losing subscribers....for God knows how long now. Today, after another horrible earnings announcement, their parent company The New York Times had its debt reduced to junk status!

We've come a long way from that revolutionary tax rebellion, the Boston Tea Party to what we've had for so long, the Boston Kool Aid Party.

All I am going to do for the foreseeable future is interrogate fellow Massholes about how they voted on Question 1. I will hector the sh*t out of anyone who votes against the income tax repeal - especially if it doesn't pass.


Anonymous said...

I am also hoping for Mass to repeal the income tax law. Hopefully it will propel the Mass-holes who have move to NH will move back and leave our small government alone. Some how, I get the feeling this just a pipe dream...

CaptiousNut said...

Nothing that happens in this wackadoo state would surprise me.

Just now I'm seeing a barrage of *vote no on question 1* propaganda everywhere.

There're going to raise your property taxes, end your child's school sports program (even though most are fee-based now anyway), there'll be no ambulances to aid seniors, and bridges will fall....if you don't vote *no* on question 1.

The people who've re-elected Ted Kennedy for 40+ years have proven time and again to have unbounded stupidity.