Sunday, October 26, 2008

Movie Rec

The Departed - A cast full of, well, self-absorbed a$$clowns and a story of Prison Break credibility (i.e. low).

But the film proves very watchable due to its many plot twists. Judged in the context of the crap that Hollywood turns out today, moviegoers have to see this one if they see anything at all.

Specifically, I recommend this movie to Taylor.


Taylor Conant said...

Saw it in theatres, loved it.

By the way, don't give this raving review to any Chinese-American friends of yours, as they will instantly start ranting about how The Departed is just a rip-off of HK thriller "Infernal Affairs." Which, you might point out to your friend, doesn't mean The Departed is a bad movie, just that it isn't ORIGINAL. And I believe Mr. Scorcese admits that.

Seriously... I made that mistake once and my friend just ripped into me. The subject seemed to have inflamed some kind of latent Chinese nationalism I wasn't aware he possessed as he wasn't born in China and I think he actually thinks lowly of the place otherwise.

Infernal Affairs is decent, actually, and is part of some trilogy if I remember correctly. Can't keep it and all the Jackie Chan films I've watched separate in my head though, so I could be wrong about that.

CaptiousNut said...

Tell him that ping pong IS NOT a sport.