Friday, October 17, 2008

Boston Will Get The Close Calls This Weekend

Well, the Phillies are in the World Series - having sent the old Red Sox team (Manny, Nomar, and Derek Lowe), er the LA Dodgers, home in game 5.

Now, Major League Baseball can pray that the new Red Sox win the next two games in Tampa Bay to make it a Boston/Philly World Series. (Don't bet on it.)

I'm not sure it would get the same ratings as a Dodger/Red Sox Series but it'd be so much more watched than any championship series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. There always seems to be one small-market team that makes the finals of a major sport - frustrating the league executives to their wits end.

Well, if they hadn't EXPANDED so much, there'd be fewer potential spoilers out there, right?

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