Thursday, October 09, 2008

Philly's Turn For A Pagan Victory

The Philadelphia Phillies are only four wins from the World Series.

Don't long-suffering Philly fans deserve a break? It's been 25 years (Sixers) since they've won a title in any sport. I say let them win something. They're as loyal as any fans and not nearly are Moronic as the Boston fans who've been so spoiled recently (six titles in the past six years).

I have a lot of affection for the City of Brotherly Love. I spent the raucous ages of 18 to 27 stumbling around Center City, West Philly, and South Philly. Perhaps I idealize the city because everyone cherishes *the best years of their life* no matter where they happened to live. Heck, I meet people all the time who rave about their college+ years in Boston.

And when I do, I am always dumbfounded; and I pity them.

Even better is the next one. Check out the unmasculine hugging behind the glass.

Nothing like being outed in a full page Sports Illustrated spread!

Someone made a great little YouTube video (though you'll have to have some Philly - or anti-Philly - in you to fully appreciate it) titled Philadelphia Sports Horrors set most appropriately to Bruce Hornsby's "The Way It Is":

I can't believe it only has 4,700 hits!

Go Phillies! (Don't expect me to watch a game though.)


Anonymous said...

Well done

Anonymous said...

Two words: Manny Ramirez