Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biting Might Not Be A "Phase"

All this ado about the South Shore Vampire, my daughter, reminded me of another famous *biter* - Marv Albert.

The great NBA TV commentator got into all sorts of trouble biting chicks and indulging in other kink about 10 years ago.

Apparently the guy didn't just like to chomp; he like *roughness*; threesomes with DUDES; cross-dressing; and more.

Read all the lurid details here.

My favorite part was this:

Masten said she turned around and saw Albert wearing panties and a garter belt. The scene shocked Masten. Albert allegedly approached Masten, pushed her head towards his crotch and bit her on the side of the neck. Masten then said that she when she tried to push Albert off of her, she grabbed his hairpiece and accidentally lifted it off his head. After fleeing Albert's room, Masten testified that she reported the incident immediately to her supervisor.

Morale of the Story - A rug is never the EXTENT of the deception. Think of it this way - anyone Moronic enough to think they can beguile others with a hairpiece, won't stop at that.

They're like people *who don't drink*; people who are afraid of uninhibitedness.

Don't ever trust them.

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