Monday, October 06, 2008

More For The Meathead File

The above is disgraced Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld who was at the helm when the ship sank this past September.

So apparently one of his employees(?) came up to him in the company gym shortly after the official bankruptcy announcement and "knocked him out cold". (link)

Haha. I told you these Wall Street guys were meatheads!

Unlike Dick Fuld, Josh Weintraub at least had the foresight to prepare his body for shareholder and minion retaliation.

Though I am quite sure with my regimen of low carb organic foodstuffs, Hip Hop Abs, and yoga I could easily kick his arse!

ASIDE - I've noticed a massive uptick in female readership ever since I updated my profile with that pic of my ravishing bod.

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Anonymous said...

Re: Massive Uptick:

too bad the ISP's are all from Provincetown - hahaaa.