Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How Often Do You Go?

Here's a clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Lefty Call

I watched it the other night and laughed my tail off. This just HAS to be one of Larry David's best episodes, ever.

I had thought that Curb Your Enthusiasm was done in 2005 when Larry died, sort of.. Lo and behold, they came back in 2007. I guess I missed it because we dumped HBO - on account of the *recession*. Now we have it back with our $176 per month all-in cable bill from Comcast.

I think competition in the way of Verizon FiOS is coming though. An adjacent town just got it; and just this morning I saw a bunch of Verizon trucks running wire down our Main Street.

I am definitely going to switch over to save the whopping $7 per month or so.

Note that I have moved into Comcast-only territory since my previous post on Fios.

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