Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unfreaking Believable - Main Street's Bailout For Wall Street

So I was just out doing my rounds at the park with the kids (teasing the *moms*)...

I had an interesting conversation with someone (high up) who works for State Street Bank.

CaptiousNut - You work for State Street, huh? What department?

StateStreetEmployee - In the finance/accounting arm.

CaptiousNut - Are bonuses looking bad this year?

StateStreetEmployee - Well, no. Not now that we just got all that money.

CaptiousNut - They're just going to use it to pay people?

StateStreetEmployee - Yeah...there're no strings attached to it whatsoever.

For those of you in the dark, State Street is a Boston-based asset manager who's had its share of, at least rumored, problems this year. On September 18th, it dropped from $64 to $29 INTRADAY, before rallying to close at $59. All along they've asserted they "have no problems" - so then why the (bleep) are they getting a $3 billion taxpayer-funded bailout?

The fact that they intend to do-what-they-like with this money is to be somewhat expected, but it's still UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE that it's already been earmarked to fill a bonus deficit.

Why can't someone bomb a plenary session of Congress?

I mean it.

UPDATE - There was a little more to this fortuitous conversation.


Taylor Conant said...

Now C, that's just CRAZY talk, and you know it!

I hinted last night to my mother that people like Obama (et. al) are dangerous menaces to society and should be treated accordingly (IF you get my drift), and my mother FLIPPED out and said I needed to be careful I didn't say something wacko like that in front of "normal" people.

I replied, "I don't see what is normal about calling for violent interference in other people's affairs as part of your political campaign/ideology. Furthermore, we're supposed to RESPECT and patriotically FOLLOW such sociopathitc nonsense?"

She turned back to her veggie-cutting and mumbled something under her breath.

"Hey, mom, do you think HITLER should've been assassinated?"

"Oh come on now, you can't possibly expect people to believe that people like Obama are comparable to Hitler!"

Well, yes and no.

No, Obama hasn't launched a war of aggression or put 6 million of his countrymen into ovens (yet), but yes, the point I was trying to make is that it seems like there is SOME point at which it's okay to call for the death of a tyrant (or two) and once you can get someone to admit that, I think you're halfway there to making a case that we've got quite a few tyrants who could be nominated for the distinction right now...

Anonymous said...


I am frustrated as many of my friends and family. But the government is to powerful and the citizens to clueless to understand the inner workings of this fraud they call a bailout. We had a guy up here in NH who took matters into his own hands and not only is he in jail but his wife's dentistry business was seized by the irs and she is in jail now. All because he thought the income tax was unconstitutional. You would think that his position would garner sympathy from others but the exact opposite occurred. Even citizens of the live free and die state were ready to string him up in town square...


CaptiousNut said...

Yeah, it's sad that our pols are debating *how big* the income tax should be rather than its *Constitutionality*.

My advice, don't earn money. Amass friends; and amass metallic and spiritual wealth.

Then bury (not your friends) it all underground with your firearms.

Anonymous said...

Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him most?

Remember, remember the fifth of November...