Friday, October 31, 2008

Homeschoolers Lumped in With Gays and Minorities

We were looking at that beautiful house today (a distressed one I might add) and had this exchange with the real estate agent:

Agent - Your kids in school?

Mrs. C-Nut - Yeah one goes to [named pre-school] twice a week and [so-and-so] is too young; she's only 2 years old.

C-Nut - Yeah. She stays with me. She's *homeschooled*.

Agent - [uproarious laughter].....Did you see that SNL skit on homeschooling?

C-Nut - [deadpanning] No. [pause] Do you have something against homeschoolers?

Agent - [turning white] Oh, no. Er, ah,....some of my best friends homeschool their kids.

Haha! I love messing with people. You have to remember, I had just met her and until that faux pas she was putting the hard sell on us as prospective buyers.

Some of my best friends homeschool?

I am going to warn all (both?) of my friends that they are not to use us as token associates to round out their social resumes.

We'll refuse to be treated like other non-majority groups. We refuse to be your personal insulation against being called a *homeschooler-phobe* or a *mass schoolist*!

If we're the only homeschoolers you know, then sorry, we're just going to have to part ways.

Hah! The subtitles in that video were in deference to ONE PARTICULAR READER I have in Costa Rica.

Addendum - By the way, that house we saw today is already listed 50k below where it sold in 2003. Brace yourselves for 1998 prices (which were also 1988 prices in much of the country).

91 posts this month....phew!

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