Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wow! - Someone Fired An Overpaid, Entitled Fossil

Cousy Fired From Celtics Broadcasts

"I would have liked to have continued," Cousy said yesterday. "I'm only involved in 10 games a season, so it's not that big a deal. But I would have liked to have been allowed to keep my hand in, especially after 22 years of [Celtics] mediocrity - last year was kind of fun, frankly, and I was looking forward to doing it again. Comcast can choose to do the hiring and firing, but if it's a financial situation, I'm not being overpaid. What they pay me is what they spend monthly for office supplies."

Yeah Bob, but office supplies have positive utility.

For those of you unaware, Bob Cousy was a legendary point guard for the Boston Celtics between 1950 and 1963 - er, a long freakin' time ago.

The 'old coot' is 80 years old now. He's been a terrible, and miserable, basketball broadcaster for decades. His replacement Donny Marshall is soooo much better, soooo much more refreshing.

According to Bob, he is *not being overpaid*. But he was getting $50,000 for a mere 10 games work. Okay, Cooz, it wasn't a financial decision - you were fired for incompetence. Feel better?

Let me tell you something about Bob Cousy. The guy hasn't defecated in years. If anyone ever typified the utterly miserable New England dinosaur it is him. He could sit at my family dinner and nobody would notice that he's not actually one of my dour, annually-smiling, know-it-all uncles.

But Bob is also an arrogant Hall of Famer. Not long ago, when asked how he'd fare in today's NBA he responded, "I'd dominate."

Take a look at him from back-in-the day. What do you think about his bravado?

I think he'd get broken in half in today's game.

For the record, I disliked Bob Cousy even before he yelled at me in front of all the members of Worcester Country Club some twenty years ago. He was getting ready to hit his approach shot when he yelled at me (a caddie) for walking some 25 yards in front of him. I screamed back, "YOU GOING TO HIT WHILE THEY'RE STILL ON THE GREEN!?!?!?" [Everyone was out on the greenside patio.]

Just once I'd like to hear an old guy say, "give the audience a new voice...there's plenty of talent out there...." or "I'd hate to think I'm blocking the way of some young guy."

Yeah, we won't be hearing that from any of these entitled 'old coots' that we've had to suffer.

This firing was long overdue. Thank you Comcast!

(What can we do about that other 'old coot' broadcaster, Tommy Heinsohn?)

As for Comcast, I'd bet they need that 50k in savings these days...


Slow-Rion said...

The vast majority of those old players would be destroyed today. The current players, and style of play, is so much faster and more physical. Some would be able to hang in there, maybe Jerry West, certainly Russell, Chamberlain, Baylor, etc. Some of the little white guys are skilled enough that they would ride the pine and shoot threes from time to time, but that's about it. Don't tell my dad though.

CaptiousNut said...

I've got to admit, at the still-young age of 34 I find myself laughing at the high school and college athletes I happen to spectate.

My generation was soooo much better at sports 15+ years ago....

Imagine what I'll be thinking when I'm sixty!