Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why Not Regulate Drunk Driving?

It's a joke that in many states one is legally drunk from 2.5 drinks. God forbid, a driver has had three beers after work and some kid runs out in front of his car. This is the type of stuff that I - if I slept - would surely have nightmares about.

What they should do is offer a Certified Drunk Driving License.

They can have a test that's obviously taken under *legally drunk* conditions. Nanny Statists can assess a fee tax for the privilege. Insurance companies can charge higher premiums if they wish....whatever.

If lunatics think legalizing and taxing marijuana and cocaine would be a *solution*, then why not drunk driving?

I would certainly go for, and pay up for, the highest license for intoxication. I am - er was - an excellent drunk driver.

Since I've gotten married and had kids....I never will drive around after more than two beers - NOT because I don't thoroughly appreciate the amnesia of alcohol, but because the risk totally eclipses the reward. If I felt like turning the clock back and binging I'd do what every other miserable wretch does up here - sit a home alone, watch the Red Sox on a color TV, and pound cans cases of domestic beer.

Speaking of binging, I am going down to Manhattan this weekend to see a friend and celebrate his engagement. Normally these are near 12 hour romps (4pm to 4am) but this time my Mrs. C-Nut is joining us.

And NO, the engaged friend is not Perry Eidelbus. Perry's out of town at a Star Trek convention this weekend.


Slow-Rion said...

We'll be in Manhattan for a date Saturday. That's Mrs. Slow and me. Course she probably wouldn't like being referred to as Mrs. Slow- but the hey.

CaptiousNut said...

I was going to bust on your diction - for saying you were going on a *date*.

Then I realized that admitting you were going to *dinner and a broadway show...with maybe a carriage ride around Central Park* would be a far more indictable confession!

Enjoy the musical!

Slow-Rion said...

Harhar. Still going but now its all babies. Sister in law is in labor in Brooklyn so we will be making our pilgrimage to visit the new baby. Damn, I was hoping for an adult day with no babies or baby talk or anything related. No broadway shows for us. It was more window (and maybe a little actual)shopping at all the blingy stores and a fancy meal. I relish any chance I get to where my metro jeans and shoes.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, I'm going to go pick up my 80-pack right now! Go Red Sox (and Dodgers).