Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Red, White, and GOLDman Sachs

What do you know? The frontpage of Goldman's website is pimping books for fellow cronies Warren Buffet and Bill Gross, er PIMCO's new figurehead Mohamed El-Erian.

I read blogs instead of Big Media garbage because they are so much more edifying, independent, and disinterested.

[The only interest of Marginalizing Morons is my own self-amusement!]

You saw the other day how thugs censored a comedy skit on Saturday Night Live. Do you really believe that NBC News, along with the other networks, is not similarly censored on a profound and regular basis?

There's so much that Big Media won't report on (mostly unpleasant facts on Big Government) that inquiring minds are forced to go elsewhere for the unvarnished truth.

Remember that $85 $120 billion dollar government *bailout* that AIG got in September? Well the rumor mill had it that it was really a bailout of Goldman Sachs; that Goldman Sachs had $40 billion in AIG counterparty risk. Everyone knows that *bailout* mastermind Hank Paulson is a Goldman crony, BUT did y'all know this:

Click the pic to enlarge if illegible. That's a posted comment from this blog post.

That's right, the *bailout* crew is nothing but a cadre of interested Goldman cronies. Goldman Sachs really does run our country.

Never having heard of most of these clowns, I googled the first guy Neel Kahskari and found this article:

Interim Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability Neel Kashkari spoke to an international banking group Monday morning about the Treasury’s progress in carrying out the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

"Recruiting the right people is essential to the success of this program," Kahskari said. The Treasury is tapping into "seasoned, financial veterans," from across the government to help launch the program today. Their role will be three-fold: setting-up an office, hiring permanent staff, and identifying their permanent successor.

Where's our press? Where's our *watchdog* on this broad-daylight criminality?

They plan on hiring "seasoned financial veterans"?

That's code for self-interested cronies.

And why the hell are we hiring *permanent* bureaucrats to dole out billions (trillions?) in taxpayer money?

Yeah, one might plausibly argue that Big Media is incompetent, that they are economically ignorant and no match for the suave thuggery of Goldman geniuses.

But when you look at that drenched-in-accuracy, banned SNL skit you'll realize that it's *will power* rather than ignorance that's behind the media blackout.

Here's another post I recently wrote on Goldman - Goldman Sachs Broad Daylight Thievery.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your excellent article exposing the Goldman Sachs flock of vultures. Look for excerpts at:

Good hunting!
The Catbird

Anonymous said...

wasn't he one of the Goldman Sacks vice presidents?.. had his name legally changed and then wen to work for Obama? Who is running that white house anyhow?
how did he get vetted?