Saturday, June 19, 2010

Better Blogging Chronicles 5 - Learning From Masters

With my blog output lower the past few months, an explanation is due.

While I have been busy busier with landlord fighting, moving out of Boston, limbo at my parents' house, and then moving back to New York...I've also changed the way I look at this endeavor.

A few months ago, when I resolved to take Marginalizing Morons to the next level, the fruit of my work/research screamed at me to change my approach.

So although on its face nothing looks different soon will, hopefully.

I've traded some of the time that I would normally spend writing posts for time spent reading all the *internet marketing* gurus. I've been combing through their *pillar content*, aka *killer articles*, and been downloading all their free ebooks. Here are a few whom I've been consulting on the cheap:


Daily Blog Tips

John Chow

Yaro Starak

Erica Douglass

Seth Godin

Chris G


They all peddle their own books, other peoples products, and consulting services. Indeed they all do read like informercials and some of them are outright hucksters....promising to lead wannabes to internet gold, but there's still a whole lot of insight there. Note just about every one of them has a $500-$1,000 product where they will re-do your entire website to bring in more hits, more subscribers, and more monetization.

And it is pretty darn ironic - that almost every one of these dudes and broads made some money online but have now turned turned their attention to selling their insights as their chief product. That be like someone finding a handful of gold nuggets in 1849 and then investing that windfall in saloons, brothels, and a pick & shovel company to bilk all the latecomers!

Somehow I was thrust, at least mentally, to the frontier of the blogosphere. I now have so many ideas buzzing in my dome that I don't know where to begin. It's going to be a big job to re-organize my site, re-brand myself, work on my ebooks, AND keep spewing out content.

Having said that, I think it's time to send my kids to summer camp!

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Paul Mitchell said...

I see big money in your future.

And don't forget

CaptiousNut said...

Ah yes, I forgot that one. (Previously mentioned it.)

I think they (Darren and Chris)email me their insights so it's not in my Google Reader.

I also forgot to include Seth Godin. Going to add them both to the post presently.

These guys all pretty much say the same thing so at this point I can't really tell who said what.