Monday, June 14, 2010

Loading Up On Inflation-Protected, Hard Assets!

Today I bought, or pre-bought, 40,000 balls at the local driving range.

The total bill was $1299 or ≈ 3.24 ¢ per ball.

Sure it may take me 2-3 years to hit them all...

But if I paid normal freight for those 40,000 balls I'd be paying $3,750 or ≈ 9.375 ¢ per ball. So I'm reaping a hefty 67% discount.

I contemplated this purchase for several days. Do I really want to hit that many balls? Of course I NEED to if I ever want to reach my full golfing potential.

I looked at this this way - with the market prices for golf here, I'm not going to be playing too many rounds. So hitting balls is a viable alternative. I actually like to practice very much - especially when *playing* involves considerable time (5 hours!) and money.

And my risks are small (compared to my trading!). As I see them:

  • The club goes bankrupt.

  • We move yet again before I exhaust my *balls*.

  • I suffer some debilitating injury that renders me unable to exhaust my...

  • We end up joining some local country club in the next year or so that provides free range balls (highly unlikely). I told my wife if we have the coin to join a NYC area club....then that $1,300 I spent ought to be an insignificant amount to talk about.

  • The course drastically DROPS its range prices.

  • BP opens an oil rig in Long Island Sound!

  • Still, this is an awful lot of balls for a non-professional to be hitting.

    The girl at the counter said I was *the only one to ever buy that amount*.

    That remark put a nice smile on my face. As y'all well know, I pride myself on standing out from the crowd: renting, homeschooling, tuning out the *news*, blogging, etc.


    Paul Mitchell said...

    Are you going to be able to hit every day? That is just 109.6 a day for one year.

    Two hours of shag balls a day and you'll be playing FINE.

    Justin Time said...

    Even at the *discounted* price, it looks like a lot of dough for a silly game when presented like that.

    In my opinion, hitting a bucket of balls is far more enjoyable than the actual game.

    But what do I know about golf. This sport is only for the rich elite with plenty of time on their hands: traders, firefighters and retired cops...

    bcris said...

    Potential, you just left Massholechusetts, with the commissar in charge you should just wait for your government check and a certificate of being a 2 handicap.

    CaptiousNut said...


    I only play golf if I can be done in 4 hours or less. I agree that standing around waiting for other people to hit or find their balls is a waste of time. I've NEVER been one to play amidst the hackers for those 5+ hour weekend rounds.


    I could certainly hit shag balls on some open fields around here....but only very early in the morning. AND I'd have to pick them up, obviously.


    I'm about a 7 now. I hope to become a 4 handicap one day. Competency beyond that probably requires too much practice/play.

    Paul Mitchell said...

    C-Nut, I was making the statement that your purchase seems great to me. We call driving range practice, "pounding shag balls" around these parts.

    League Islander said...


    You already hit the ball good enough to be a four handicap. Get control of the wedge and make one or two more six-footers per round. There's your three shots per round (potentially more).

    League Islander

    CaptiousNut said...


    I'm working on the wedge big time - and have already seen huge dividends from fixing my left arm.

    NY may turn out well for my golf game. I can't play as much but perhaps all the balls I hit will pay off more. Also, at my MIL's house my office/homeschool resides in a large carpeted basement - one that's perfect to putt in. With hardwood floors in my last two places I haven't been able to practice putting indoors at all.