Sunday, June 27, 2010

Book Review - The 4-Hour Workweek

Shoot that was fast. I reserved it on Tuesday, picked it up on Friday, and powered through the 376 pages this weekend.

As usual and as promised I was going to write up a *full review* - but I'm not going to. Because whatever I might say would prove woefully inadequate and an injustice to its merits.

This book is a game-changer folks. It's well-written, informative, philosophical, practical, and inspirational all at once. The 4-Hour Workweek is a recipe for happiness, time-management, wage slavery liberation, a credible how-to-get-rich manual, a travel guide, and so much more.

I don't care who you are, whether you are ambitious, successful, both, or neither. There's just so much packed into this book that ANYONE will profit mightily from reading it.

My head has been spinning all weekend long from Tim's life story and insights. In fact I just ordered a copy of my own.  I've threatened to do that a couple of times after being moved by authors (e.g. John Taylor Gatto, The Well-Trained Mind, Outliers,..) but haven't yet followed through, until today.

In a word, this book is a *juggernaut*. Ferriss has already convinced hordes of people to drastically shake up their lives - to quit their jobs, move halfway around the world, and to strike it out on their own. At the moment, I can't think of a higher impact, secular, contemporary author.

All of you self-styled anti-Morons out there better get on this one right away. I just couldn't give a book a higher recommendation than I giving this one. Outside of those leveraged ETFs, have I ever steered y'all wrong?

AND I'm still mad at you clowns, all of you, for not alerting me to this one long ago. Obviously I need to upgrade my readership!


Taylor Conant said...

Sounds like a scam.

CaptiousNut said...


Anonymous said...

Well, my first thought too was, "must be a scam," but I love books like this that have "off the grid" ideas for living.

Sometimes if you just extract one nugget or two from all that an author is offering, you'll benefit hugely.

In the 90's I read The Millionaire Next Door and didn't listen to the authors as closely as I should have, but I do have a retirement account now thanks to them.

Thanks for this book suggestion!


Taylor Conant said...

I am almost finished with my own copy, now, and I am happy to report it is not a scam. TF still comes across like a shameless self-promoter and a bit of a psycho in parts (the guy spent his first ten years or so after college having repeated personal crises, mental and emotional breakdowns and sudden, dramatic change of "life plans", it seems) but he is definitely an original thinker. He has figured out a lot of stuff that would've been impressive if 10 different people each knew 1/10th of it. Instead, he knows it all.

He's also bold and funny in his delivery. It's entertaining to read and hard to not agree with him. This guy is a true salesman!

west coast tom. said...

Yeah, this was a game-changer alright. So far, I haven't had the balls to follow *all* of his advice but believe me, one day I will

Taylor Conant said...


Beth said...

I'm reading this now and see a lot of his points. As a teacher though, I don't have the option of working away from the office. So I'm looking for ways and ideas to use my talents to get the income generating w/o much input from me. Especially with the state budget here in NC being so bad ($1 billion shortfall for next school year) I need some options to fund me if I get laid off.

CaptiousNut said...


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