Sunday, June 13, 2010

New York Sticker Shock

Gasoline is $3 a gallon here in Nassau County at the moment. Last week, in Wildwood, New Jersey I paid $2.41 a gallon - for full serve!

I bought two slices of pizza yesterday, it was $7.

My weekly supermarket trip today cost $194, up from what used to be around $165 in Boston....and it feels like I didn't even buy anything!

Golf at a course comparable to the one I played up north for $59 on Saturday mornings costs $83 here - but only if you are a town resident. Otherwise it's a cool $113!

My MIL's house, which we moved into, is 2,500 square feet plus an attic and a furnished basement. On Boston's South Shore, in a town like Hingham or Cohasset, it'd sell for around $650,000. But here in Long Island, it's market value is roughly $1,000,000.

A friend of mine who's lived in NYC for much of the past decade left a couple of years ago for London. He said that when he got back it seemed like all of a sudden everything in Manhattan got really expensive.

Yeah people in this area do indeed earn a whole lot more.

But if they're not careful with it, they'll end up giving all of it back.

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