Monday, June 14, 2010

For The Kids, Really?

Y'all can read that as-advertised article about yet another self-help parenting book for yourselves. Surely everyone knows at least someone who fits that bill.

The problem, as I see it, goes beyond the raising of the children.

Parents, spouses, who focus too much on their children, who don't communicate and continue to grow as a couple....when the kids leave they find they've grown apart and can't fill the void of an empty nest. Divorce is more than inevitable.

On the flip side you have those in horrible marriages who are well aware they are merely holding on for the sake of the kids. Those who are looking forward to spousal separation as much as they are to the empty nest!

My wife and I have this philosophical debate all the time. She thinks parents should stick it out almost no matter what. I'm a little more skeptical and think plenty of bad things flow from a sham marriage.

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