Friday, June 04, 2010

WWW and C-Nut - Reunited!

Today I, still in the fog of my 4-week long staggered move to Long Island, I FINALLY got my computer set up and re-connected to the internet.

FiOS, which amazingly is now three years old, came this afternoon and after a few hours the technician was able to hook me up with a modern cable connection and a hard-wired internet line in the basement/office. No problems so far for me or my wife at her station behind me. She's hard at work after midnight, yet again, sifting through the 400 emails in her inbox.

It suffices to say it's been a long 3-4 weeks of being technologically unsettled for our entire family. Personally, I've grown sick and tired of using laptops and other people's networks. It feels good to be back in my $900 ergonomic desk chair and in front of my dual-monitor display - which, by the way, is due to be upgraded presently.

I'm trying to order myself a brand new, souped-up PC from Dell with a couple of 24 inch monitors AND a new PC for my son who needs a computer as much as anyone on this overheated Earth.

But I am having an extremely hard time navigating the Dell website. I do appreciate the fact that their computers are infinitely customizable and that their prices are near rock-bottom...

However, someone over at DELL Inc. has to design a dumbed-down/user-friendly version of their online store.

I don't well care if I save $185 on my new PC if it's going to cost me 2-3 hours of precious time to imagine what I'm buying!

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