Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYC - More In The Black

Here's one of the more prominent differences between Boston and New York:

New York has a whole lot more BLACK HAIR!

People-wise, it's waaaaay more diverse.

The extra black hair isn't just because of Boston's lily-white Irish heritage...

It's because New York is teeming with a whole lot more Asians, Italians, Jews, Blacks, illegal immigrants Latin Americans, et al.

I think in America 2010, all one really has to do to assess the demographics of a region is check out the size of the Goya section at the supermarket. Put it this way, I had no idea that Goya made so many more products than just beans and rice until I saw the Goya aisle at a store in Port Washington.

But getting back New York's diversity...

Particularly in Manhattan, one notices how extremely heterogeneous the pairs of caretakers and children are. It's far beyond just *white kids with Caribbean nannies*. You'll see every possible permutation imaginable - and then a few more. Asian kids with white nannies; bi-racial combos you won't be able to guess in a million years; and in vitro twins galore. My wife's friend summed it up perfectly, "The kids in New York NEVER match the parents." And often they don't even match their siblings!

And when diversity reigns so wide AND deep....foreigners don't have to assimilate. I experienced this previously as a student at UPenn. And here, I've already heard about old-school *Persians* nearby who, in keeping with their cultural heritage, will smack their adult sister in public if she falls out of line or something.

THAT I have to see, and hopefully record on my camera!

As for the *black hair* abundance, maybe that explains this from my prior post - Google Diversity Training:

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