Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Dying Room

Look at those zombies...only a total Moron would dare call this quality family time.

I submit, that in this day and age when anyone who goes for a neighborhood walk/run at night sees a flickering color TV light in EVERY home,....I submit that the living room should henceforth be known at the *dying room*.

You know in my past abode, in 2.75 years there, while not precisely true, I feel like I spent hardly a minute in my living room. I was always either in my bed, in the kitchen, in the backyard, or at my desk.

I've almost come to loathe living rooms for the corrosive passivity they stand for.

Most people have an idea that the boob tube (the boob plasma now?) fries the brain, but few realize the full extent.

Furthermore, religious channel surfing absolutely destroys the body. I'm no doctor, which bolsters my credentials(!), but I swear that sitting on a couch is one of the worst, most insidious attacks on the physical body out there. TV watching rots the core - abs and back, prevents someone from otherwise being ambulatory, AND, for whatever reason (commercials?), induces people to pig out on food. When I do watch television, e.g. the US Open this weekend, I lay on the floor, without a pillow, in a semi-crunch position. Try it from now on and you'll feel your stomach tightening!

And even in those ultra-rare instances when the TV is off...

What are people doing in their living/family rooms?

They might be sitting around, munching and sipping, nodding at the musing of their like-minded acquaintances....or exchanging vapid small-talk with those whom they are either afraid of offending or getting offended by.

Of course it's important to have friends, entertain, and celebrate wage-slave/religious holidays as a family...

But it's also important to at all times be engaged in NOVEL and PRODUCTIVE activities.

And by novel I don't mean the latest dancing reality TV show or today's Red Sox or Yankees game!

TV is a narcotic and a prison cell all at once. Heal thyself and break free!

I say steer clear of these misnamed living rooms - as recovering alcoholics would scamper past bars.

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