Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pedestal Substitutions

Those are Entrepreneur Heroes trading cards.

When I was a kid, I was, for a short time anyway, drooling over Fred Lynn and Kirby Puckett rookie cards. And how many millions of poor kids did/do the same?

Why not encourage the children to *idolize* successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Michael Dell? I must say that I'm going to acquaint my kids with the biographies of these economic and creative heroes very early on in their education.

Does anyone want to buy my David Robinson NBA Hoops rookie cards? It's time for me to completely let go.


Taylor Conant said...


It's called eBay! Check it out sometime, you might end up accidentally making some dough.

Good idea on the entrepreneur trading cards. You should also give your kids a copy of Atlas Shrugged as soon as they can read (and are ready for sexual themes). If that book doesn't idealize the entrepreneur/businessman, then I have no idea why it pisses off the lefties so much.

Anonymous said...

"Tuxedo Park" which is a book rec by Tim Ferriss is a good read about Wall street tycoon and scientist Alfred Lee Loomis.

CaptiousNut said...


I've still never sold anything on eBay. It's been on my *list of things to do* for years.

I don't think Atlas Shrugged is a good book to inspire entrepreneurship. Simple biographies and economic history are better. I see Atlas more of a *warning* book, as the postscript to The Road To Serfdom. Then again, it's been 16 years since I read it. It's probably time for me to re-examine it with my more discerning eyes.


Looks like a good book - 4 stars on Amazon. Will put it on the midpoint of my reading list. Thanks.

Taylor Conant said...


What I like about Atlas Shrugged is it makes it clear that entrepreneurship (in the market place) is heroic, social and beneficial to all mankind, not just the individual entrepreneur.

It's a work of logic and philosophy and I think it will prove instructive on both accounts for a young reader. Through allegory the reader comes into contact with all kinds of logical-fallacies-as-characters or logical-fallacies-as-dialog/speeches and so is better armed to recognize these logical fallacies when made by others in real life.

The result is an individual who is less prone to getting taken in by snake oil salesmen everywhere.