Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raw Food For Thought

I just asked a local homeschooler, one whom I sensed had strong views on matters of health, what she thought about vaccinations:
I have spent over 15 years studying, reading, researching almost anything about health or anything relating to it. It is an absolute passion of mine.

We do not vaccinate our children or medicate them.(no,antibiotics, Tylenol, prescriptions, over the counter...) We let their bodies heal naturally so that their immune systems learn how to work properly.

We get them adjusted by a WONDERFUL chiropractor once a week or more if they aren't feeling well.

However, my children do not have the typical SAD(standard American diet) and I would never recommend this lifestyle to someone who does.

We eat:raw dairy products(lots of lacto fermented foods-yogurt, kefir,sour cream..) grass fed beef, pastured chickens and eggs, low to no grains, lots of fats (raw butter, ghee, coconut oil, animal fats, raw egg yolks...)lots of veggies, properly prepared nuts and seeds.....

I am not anti-medicine though. If an emergency comes up, then I am all for it. But for an ear ache, cold flu, sinus infection....absolutely not.

If you and your wife are interested in more info, please feel free to call. I am busting w/ info and love to share w/ anyone who might be interested.
And y'all thought I was off the grid!

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Taylor Conant said...


I am not at all surprised by seeing your thoughts going this way ("off the grid") and in fact, I have only been wondering what was taking you so long, especially with your children's numerous allergies.

I have a friend whom I have learned a lot from in terms of nutrition and safe health practices. I'd be happy to put him in touch with you if you have any further questions or want to get some recommendations on the most effective book-treatments of the subjects (nutrition, toxins, allergies, natural health remedies, etc.). He's a real knowledgeable guy.

Can't wait to see what else you learn

CaptiousNut said...


Are you implying that I am just now leaving the grid? If that's the may find yourself overrun with altercations!

People are weird with food; weirder than I think they should be. Millions would rather diet than workout. They spend time counting Weight Watchers' points and reading Light food magazines that would be better spent on a treadmill or doing Booty Ballet.

Of the ultra-healthy eating set that I have met thus far, none of them have near the bod that I have. In fact many of them look downright sickly/obese.

Having said all that, I think I may read The Omnivore's Dilemma - a book I believe was recommended to me here on this blog.

Taylor Conant said...


No, I am not. I meant I was wondering what was taking you so long to get to food inquiry.

You take your kids for fast food, FOR SHAME!

I agree with you, of course, about the way people prefer to diet rather than exercise. Everyone wants the easy way out and no one seems to understand there's a cost to the easy path. TNSTAAFL!

Of course, diet is important-- garbage in, garbage out. Most obese people eat like shit, and eat too much on top. Have you ever noticed that it is the fatties who are always swiping at dessert?

I believe I recommended that book to you, which was recommended to me by my food expert friend. Keep in mind, the book is not perfect-- the guy is a bit of a retard/commie on certain issues. But overall it is fascinating, thought-provoking and a bit chilling. I am quite certain you'll enjoy reading it, for the most part.

Mr. T said...

See Good Calories, Bad Calories (Gary Taubes) for some eye-opening background on why your fellow homeschooler eats the way she does. It dovetails perfectly with everything you’ve said re: government, Big Pharma, and big institutions in general. For a basic primer on primal nutrition, check out

Anonymous said...

Another good example in recent times is Mike Goetz.

Good article here.

CaptiousNut said...


Thanks! I'm bringing that article to the front page.