Friday, June 04, 2010

Quasi Golf Trip

I'm hitting the road in a few hours and I have to go early to beat the worst of the Manhattan-bound commuting traffic. I'm heading down to Wildwood, New Jersey - that's the southern-most tip of the sewer State! - to watch my jabronis play in a competitive golf tournament.

I'm bringing my clubs and I may try to play somewhere else on Saturday morning but I'm not sure yet.

Mostly I'm just going down there to get away from my kids/wife/MIL/moving boxes for a few days and to see my old South Philly GutterBuddies. I believe *last call* in Wildwood is near 4am!

So I'll be silent on the blog until at least Sunday night. Enjoy your weekends.

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Anonymous said...

Thought this was right down your alley...