Friday, June 18, 2010

Marginalizing The iPad

Not me, as I only have a few hunches what it's all about.

I'm outsourcing this Marginalization.

A guy on a popular blog titles his post:

Why I Won't Buy An iPad (and think you shouldn't, either)

The gist is that the device is for Morons - for people who passively consume information. *Ease of use* isn't a breakthrough but rather a tactic to hook or *re-capture* those who can't think for themselves.

Just like the gadget press is full of devices that gadget bloggers need (and that no one else cares about), the mainstream press is full of stories that affirm the internal media consensus. Yesterday's empires do something sacred and vital and most of all grown up, and that other adults will eventually come along to move us all away from the kids' playground that is the wild web, with its amateur content and lack of proprietary channels where exclusive deals can be made. We'll move back into the walled gardens that best return shareholder value to the investors who haven't updated their portfolios since before eTrade came online.

The blog post was provocative enough to generate, as of now, 895 it might be worth a read.

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