Monday, June 21, 2010

Organic Toilet Seat Liners?

I was just thinking the other day how the above practice just can't at all be considered *green*.

Well, in a gender comparison, it can't at all be greener than the widespread male practice of depositing roughly 80% of their urine in a toilet/urinal, NOT flushing, and NOT washing one's hands! (Realize they only need to fill the soap dispensers in mens' rooms....annually.)

To counter propaganda such as - It's Been Proven - Women Are Greener Than Men - I'm going to put this *do you line the seat?* comeback on a developing list of my very own colloquial propaganda.

And if women truly are greener than men (I thought spitting out kids was destoying the Earth?), I think we ought to seriously look at repealing the 19th Amendment.

(At least one other nutjob agrees with me!)


Taylor Conant said...

My buddy Tom claims that there are "composting toilets" now, that they work and they don't smell at all. I am skeptical but also mildly curious. The idea sounds like a fascinating way to turn a bunch of useless shit into productive material!

CaptiousNut said...

I had my kids pee right in the middle of a packed Jones Beach yesterday!