Friday, June 11, 2010

Greenies Fiddling While The Economy Burns

Check out this car-stopping, camera-grabbing sign I drove by today:

An "Environment Party"?


A municipality of what, 15,000 people in Port Washington, NY (18,000 if Sands Point is included)...has as its main ideological priorities trees, birds, electric cars, no-flush urinals, and recycling?

Oh yeah, this tiny town has a $128.2 million operating budget for 2010 - as delusional tree-humpers, both pols and voters, upped it 2.5% from last year.

Good luck to anyone hoping to inject some rationality into the local political dialogue - OR into any level of politics today!


Justin Time said...

128 million?!?! What does the average residential tax bill look like in that town?

I'm guessing you have one of those fancy senior centers where the old geezers go to wait for the bus that takes them to Foxwoods.

Taylor Conant said...


That's nothing! My extended family's town just voted in, via a referendum, a new PUBLIC WATERPARK! It's like a mini-Wild Rivers with tube slides, play pools and of course, numerous lifeguards on the city dole.

This town already, like every other town in America, has major financial problems (looming insolvency), but the residents still voted in this public water park (did I mention it SNOWS half the year in this town, and the waterpark is OUTDOORS?!). I guess they figured "Hey, we owe it to ourselves". Or maybe, they just figured "We owe ourselves".

Pretty stupid, either way you look at it.

Justin Time said...

A water park?!? You're kidding me. What town is this? I'm fascinated and need to know more...

Is it one of those deals where the public pays for it then they are still charged an outrageous admission fee?

CaptiousNut said...

Those water parks, provided there're just the sprinkler type are fine. My kids love them! No sand or drowning for parents to worry about either.

In one sense it's okay for these towns to keep on spending money.

That'd be if they were eventually going to declare bankruptcy and rid themselves of pension obligations. I do think it will happen too.

Who's most susceptible?

Well, those towns where a decent chunk of their pensioned-retirees have moved out and lost their vote.

All these *WE'LL CUT YOUR TEACHERS* scare tactics - if you don't pass a tax hike (to pay pensions) - are going to backfire on the unions. It'll backfire because there are more people with kids in schools (and ignorant about what education actually is) than there are voting 'old coot' collectors.