Saturday, June 26, 2010

What Free Time?

With my wife and kids *out East* as they say here in New York (i.e. out in the Hamptons) for the weekend....I have the LUXURY of some free time.

So what should I do?
  • Write some blog posts  
  • Read some other blogs
  • Work on my eBook(s)
  • File my amended 2008 Tax Return  (I missed a *wash sale*)
  • Clean the house/car/garage
  • Hit some of my 40,000 golf balls
  • Go to the pool - it's 85 degrees out
  • Do some more *unpacking* work (still have a ton)
  • Work on my new websites
  • Finish a terrific book I'm halfway through
  • Make a dent in the 1,100 emails in my C-Nut inbox
  • Set up my new computer that just arrived from FedEx (how can I resist?)

I'll probably try to do a little of everything.  But is that even a wise tactic?  Perhaps I should focus.

It suffices to say that I am swamped here.  My wife is beyond spent as well.  Working downtown, despite a good train into Penn Station is testing her mettle.  As she says, "I'm still not at-one with the commute..."  There's always something: a late train, a soaking rain on the way to the subway, *fire drills* with her work, the train wasn't even running the other night because a thunderstorm/mini tornado felled trees all over Great Neck/Manhasset....Heck, she's been working her tail off; she leaves at 6:15am for the train and never comes home before 7:15pm; sometimes it's car service at 10pm.  One night last week, after a full day of work, she was up on her laptop working until 2am.

Sure much of our harried life comes from a new home and my wife's new job and we most certainly expect adjustment to soon ease our burden...

But I feel like every time I think I'm getting some time back that it's just a tease, a mirage.

As much TV time, bar time, sleep time, and socializing time that I've eliminated from my daily diet, I probably have to do a full-blown objective Tim-Ferriss analysis of my life.  He swears by regulating email (among many other things); limiting it to being checked only twice a day, at set times and for set periods of time.  He recommends using when online.  And he has other online tools he uses to monitor and track how much time he spends on particular websites.

The guy is probably 100% right.  I spent at least 30 minutes today already just emailing back and forth a couple of homeschoolers about trivial things.  THAT wasn't on my list!  A full review of his provocative book is forthcoming.  Again, how did I miss this one up until now? 

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