Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Absolutely Everything Online?

It just dawned on me that I have to channel MOST of my experimental homeschool art lessons over to the computer.

The future, and probably present, of art is all digital: flash animations, digital photography, photoshopping, movie-making, and whatnot.

I'm not fluent in these subjects, at all. So I need to do some work for myself as well - especially if I ever hope to produce any marketable content.

New York has everything. Only one town over in Great Neck I found a school that offers classes - for youngsters grade 2 and up! - in precisely what I am interested in: flash animation, video game design, and whatnot.

The only problem is, they work out to a pricey $60 per hour. So scrap the idea of outsourcing this subject. I'd rather buy the software and plow through the tutorials on my own. How hard can the introductory stuff be anyway?

And yeah, that is my work pictured above! I guess for starters I'll have my kids, particularly my art-enthused daughter (age 4.16), mess around with the Microsoft Paint program.  We see how that works out and then proceed from there.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of outsourceable disciplines, your Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-conversant brother is wondering when you will add foreign language training to your homeschooling curriculum. Foreign language acquisition a lot easier when the kids are younger. One set of cousins of the Prince and Princess are already learning Spanish while the other set will be immersed in Portuguese for 3 years beginning next year. I speak Ukrainian, Russian and English with my girlfriend. Time to catch the wave.