Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bloated Schools Need Pencils!

My MIL received this solicitation from one of her local representatives today. Click to enlarge:

She wrote back, indignantly:

Senator Johnson,

Even during the Depression, the poorest schools supplied the items you mention in your appeal. Today, with school tax portion of property taxes at astronomical levels, why is there no budget room for a few pencils, paper, etc.????

Your solution >>>Another Bailout/Welfare proposal.....

No thanks...

Let them sell their text messaging/cell phone/cd/electronic game players and buy a few pencils themselves.

Why don't you think of a program that empowers the young by teaching self-reliance?
Note that property taxes on her 2,500 square foot home are now $14,000 annually.

And $9,000 of that is explicitly delineated as a *school tax*.

I believe this town spends a whopping $24,000 annually on each student!


Paul Mitchell said...

I can attest to this ridiculous stuff, too. The boy that lives with me was told that he must bring paper towels, tissues, AND baby wipes to his school. School supplies were requested as well.

Per student cost in this district is eleven grand.

CaptiousNut said...


But don't say it like that.

You sound like a pederast - *the boy*!

When my daughter was young I used to refer to her as *the girl* and it really pissed my wife off.

But guess what, my Polish grandfather used to beckon my grandmother, "Hey wife..."

Paul Mitchell said...

How about, "The Moronic Person that crashed my bicycle into a brand new car yesterday and is now banished to his room indefinitely?"

Yes, much damage to car and my front rim is toast.

CaptiousNut said...

Their *room* is hardly a punishment these days with color TVs, video games, and whatnot.

I sentence mine to the bathrooms.

Paul Mitchell said...

He doesn't know the password to the computer, I have a switch for the X-box, and the other things are portable and locked up in the secretary's desk. He beat me out with some tear-out Dilbert finger puppets today. I had to bite my tongue damned near in half to keep from laughing at that, though.