Monday, August 23, 2010

Olympian Bed Hog!

Every third night or so my 4.18 year old Princess treks down the stairs and crawls into bed with us. She's got the night terrors or something.

Anyways, it's bad enough that she wakes us up. BUT on top of that she's a formidable bed hog belying her 30 lb stature.

She won't allow any covers. Try to pull a blanket, or even a sheet(!), over you and she'll rudely kick it away.

And she's completely all over the bed - squirming, adjusting, kicking, grabbing, etc. all night long.

Sometimes she'll latch her whole body onto my poor wife's face!

Now Mrs. C-Nut is not exactly an egalitarian when it comes to bed space and covers either.

But in the Princess she's clearly met her nemesis.

Last night my wife pushed the little illegal immigrant onto the side and in a most Hitler-esque fashion tried to annex the 25% of the bed that I normally am entitled to.

But the jostling between her and my daughter, and the collateral damage on my side was simply too much last night.

Eventually, sometime around 4:30am, I just dropped a pillow off the bed and decided it would be more comfortable to sleep on the floor, alone - with no blankets or anything else!

As you can see by the picture I took this morning, my daughter literally slept PERPENDICULAR. And you can see the damage she wrought on the linens.

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Paul Mitchell said...

That's crazy.

Taylor Conant said...

Man, I wish I could sleep like that!

Paul Mitchell said...

Taylor, C-Nut is already complaining about the two women in his bed and now you want in on the action, too?