Monday, August 23, 2010

Marginalizing Ice Cream Truck Drivers

Fast forward to the 2:00 mark and see witness two ice cream truckers come to blows over a *regional marketing* dispute:

Not for nothin' but...

These ice cream guys are SOBs.

I had one such guy in Hingham, MA last year, an Arab, actually ASK me for a tip. He held out a tip jar and literally said, "Hey buddy, how about a tip?"

But my disdain for them was born years ago, before I was even married. In Brooklyn, we used to hear the ice cream truck music ALL THE TIME. These greedy capitalists would blast their trademark tunes all day long, everywhere they went. They certainly didn't care one iota about their incessant noise pollution.

My (future first) wife and I heard on the news years ago about an ice cream truck guy who was murdered with a hatchet in Queens. We both waxed sympathetic - FOR THE ASSAILANT!

And then you have the story of some crazy Albanian ice cream truck drivin' family in Nevada:

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Testimony resumed Friday before a Clark County
coroner's jury considering whether Henderson police were justified
killing a mother of three in a chaotic scene after her husband was
stopped for traffic violations in an ice cream truck.

Witnesses differed Thursday in descriptions of whether 42-year-old Deshira Selimaj had a knife and threatened two of her children and police before she was killed Feb. 12 near Coronado High School.

One woman who passed the scene said Selimaj "unequivocally had
a knife," and said she had had no idea there would be a dispute about that.

Selimaj's husband, Zyber Selimaj, 65, testifying with an Albanian language translator, insisted his wife had no knife.

He later bowed his head as he and the 10-person jury listened to
recordings of police interviews with his 12-year-old and 5-year-old

The boys arrived with their mother in her ice cream truck after she talked by telephone with a distraught Zyber Selimaj. He had been stopped by Henderson Police Officer Patrick Gilmore, but refused to sign a ticket Gilmore was trying to give him for speeding and running a stop sign in his ice cream truck. Selimaj said it was the second ticket he received that day.

Now check out this additional piece of evidence supporting my contention that ice cream dudes are lunatics:

Hey, at least the guy beeped, right?

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